26 December, 2010

A Year without Me


How have you been? And the year? I’m sure 2011 is already dancing around for you, or isn’t it? Trust me; i know what that feels like. Well, hold on a Moment. Let’s not hurry into the New Year eh? How about we take these few days left in this year to do something different. Something, maybe not spectacular, but unforgettable. For me, that would be sharing some things from my heart with you. Looking back on this year, and appreciating every single moment, with you. J

If I could describe this year in one word, I’d say: NEW. Entirely different from what I’ve been used to. Which is the inspiration for the title of this post: ‘’a year without me’’. That’s what it’s been for me, one crazy (in a good way) year! I have had not one single hand in this year’s entire outcome. Not one. It’s been like being on a carousel ride. And, mehn, it’s been good. A welcome change. For once in my life, my year has gone in no way like i expected. It’s been way better than. And funny, I have a feeling this is just the beginning of such years for me.

This is the beginning of a series I’d like to call farewell to 2010. I hope i complete it, but either ways, I’d have given out something from my heart, and that is quite well if nothing else. J


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